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Doctor Strange – A tale of Inception and Green Lantern

So I finally saw Doctor Strange and what I think about the movie? Why this movie reminded me of Inception and Green Lantern? Is Doctor Strange a movie to watch out for in the busy November schedule?

Doctor Strange is a little strange movie with a poor story and plot line but has a great action and visuals to compensate for. It would be fair to say that it is a must watch movie for its entertainment value.


In Inception movie, you may remember the hotel scene where we see characters walking and running on walls or punching each other with rooms rotating at 360 degrees, then that short scene which many of us has cherished will get a full blown version in Doctor Strange. Though not the supreme version we have seen in Inception but a still very decent version of it.

The creative way in which magic actions were shown is not something we see in every movie and certainly not executed so well. Director Scott Derrickson with so much focus on action has also able to maintain trademark comic timing of Marvel movies.

But not everything is wonderful about the movie. If you are not a fan of fast paced action and looking for some decent content then his movie may not necessary for you (Though I would still recommend it). This movie tried to do Iron man with Doctor Strange origin story but failed miserably. In Iron man, the movie was focused on telling the story of Tony Stark and his journey of becoming Iron man. In Doctor Strange, the entire focus was onĀ  displaying magical battles and the character of Doctor Strange fell short of importance. Doctor Strange is not the hero I would be cheering for as no Marvel movie has been so poor in executing origin story. They scrambled first fifteen-twenty of the movie and tried to make some decent attempt as Doctor Strange meet ancient one assuming later could help him in healing the damaged hand.


Gradually, we see Doctor Strange training and ancient one explaining the world of Magic and Illusion. I find it was all force as there was no context in the movie to show that Doctor Strange had any place there. The world of magic was hardly explained in plain English, maybe comic fans could understand it but not by us.

The poorly crafted origin story actually reminded me of Green Lantern of 2011, the big flop for Warner Bros. Doctor Strange is the movie that Green Lantern fans would have wanted. They both had a nearly same premise and exact similar theme. Though what had saved Doctor Strange, a visually stunning movie, is a major reason Green Lantern failed. I could not emphasize enough regarding creativeness at which entire movie has been made.

Marvel Studio has, again and again, mastered filmmaking and they have again done with Doctor Strange. It is a movie I would quite easily recommend and yes wait for two post credit scene after the movie.

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