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Reviews of This was a Man, The Whistler, and etc

The month of November is my favorite month, as most of my favorite authors release their novels in the month of November or late October. Rick Riordan published his new book in Magnus Chase series, Jeffrey Archer concluded the “The Clifton Chronicles” with seventh Novel “This was a Man”, John Grisham wrote the exciting new legal thriller adventure in “The Whistler” and finally but not the least Lee Child pen down another Jack Reacher novel by “Night School”. I will be reviewing all of them here in brief.

The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan (04th October 2016 – Release date)

The Hammer of Thor is the second novel in the series “Magnum Chase and the Gods of Asgard.” I was not impressed with the first novel “The Sword of Summer” but continued reading this story due to connection with Percy Jackson world. Every God fiction written by Rick Riordan other than Percy Jackson series has largely been disappointing. Quite simple reason being similarly between characters and most of the redundancy with entire plot structure. In Percy Jackson world the same is compensated by originality and characters, but in other novels, we thirst for both.

The similar problem lies with “The Hammer of Thor” but considering everything I just mentioned above it is still a better novel than others because it mostly focuses lots of characters. It does not certainly focus on major character. I am really excited for next novel though “The Ship of the Dead” releasing on 03rd October 2017.

Recommendation: Read it.

This was a Man by Jeffrey Archer (08th November 2016  –  Release Date)

“This was a Man” is a seventh and last novel in the series “Clifton Chronicles.” I have been an outspoken critic of the entire series and found lots of reasons not to recommend the series. I was just waiting for this moment so that the series comes to an end and we can have something new from Mr. Archer. Jeffrey Archer is one of my favorite authors, and I am glad this tiring journey has come to an end for readers too.

My only reason to keep going with the series is to find whether Mr. Archer makes a comeback with any of the novels. And the same reason made me dig for the seventh book “This was a man.”

Sadly, though “This was a man” is a disappointing book and does not change my view about entire series. I have never seen the family saga stretching to seven novels and mostly when the story doesn’t merit such extravagance. Most of the plot line were repeatedly recycled throughout the series and always made me wonder “If Cat has nine lives then lady Virginia has Gini with her.”

Jeffrey Archer will be releasing new Novel  “Heads you win” in 2017 which actually had a brief introduction in “This was a Man” as a Harry Clifton’s next book. I am excited to read “Heads you win” but will hope to gain something new in the novel.

Recommendation: Don’t waste your time.

The Whistler by John Grisham (25th October 2016 – Release  Date)

Even though I am a fan of John Grisham, I missed the release of his novel “The Whistler.” I realized about its release only while purchasing the book “This was a man.” The plot line intrigued me and was hoping for some fun with the novel.

And I was not disappointed. “The Whistler” had all the traditional style of John Grisham. The novels of John Grisham are very different than many other novelists. With him, I could graph the linear pattern in the pace of the novel. Many authors force the readers with exciting plots which readers are normally smart enough to identify, but John Grisham does things differently. He uses the context of the situation to give steady plot line. His novels are closest that can come to real life adventures and that makes his novels very related to us and appreciative of its efforts. John Grisham gives us another good read and the novel I would recommend  to keep in “To read list.”

Recommendation:  Go pick it up ASAP.

“Night School” by Lee Child (7th November 2016 – Release Date).

Finally after criticizing last few novels, a novel by Lee Child I could cherish. Lee Child for me has a decent strike rate with his novels. He doesn’t write flamboyant stories making everyone awe with its release, but his novels are very simple formulaic publication written with a target audience in mind. Even with formulae, I was impressed with a book  “Night School.”

“Night School” is 21st novel in Jack Reacher series and in my previous review of “Make Me” I speculated end of life cycle of character Jack Reacher. The character was getting redundant and losing purpose for another novel. But in this novel, we have got prequel with “Jack  Reacher” who is still in the army and still very young. The novel is still incredibly formulaic, but it works because it is a profoundly good thriller with a lot of puzzles to explore throughout the novel. Unlike its predecessors, “Night School” is not slow moving and restricted by smaller plot but revolve around fast moving international threat. These helped the novel.

“Night School” should in your “to read list.”

Recommendation: Read it at your pleasure.

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