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Think twice before blaming Hitler and German People

The World War II may be a distant memory but it is alluring to a new generation as a dark comedy. The future generation may not remember the causes as they would forget the valuable lessons of two World Wars. And forgetting is not something we can afford right now because something so drastic can happen again.

We have been largely blaming Hitler for war but let’s not forget that he was elected in the republic constitution and civilized German people. Unlike World War I, in which Germany was ruled by Kaiser (German Emperor). Germany after World War I was in terrible shape. Their economy was suffering from Hyperinflation and depression. To put the things in the perspective, one piece of bread use to cost one billion Mark (the currency of Germany during that time).

Hitler is known for his reformed measures, turning the country from economic disaster to the country which has come close to win the War. But this article is not to praise Hitler or defend him. This article is for today’s generation who are shadowing behind hypocrisy and when unmasked at the cost of their leader. We laugh at German’s for selecting Hitler as their leader but let us not forget that Indian’s are facing similar task German’s were facing during their time. India still has the much healthy economy and no way near challenges faced by German’s during 1940’s. To put the things in the perspective, Germany  as an economy were as terrible as today’s Zimbabwe. In  2008, Zimbabwe had a inflation rate of 79,600,000,000% or 79.6 billion % and thus resulted in US $ 1 becoming equivalent to the staggering sum of Z$2,621,984,228. The people of Germany wanted to change, they wanted their country to grow and they wanted their country to move out of poverty. Thus support for the rise of Hitler. But their circumstances sounds very familiar to us, don’t you think?

Today people are scapegoating Hitler for its War but similar onus should come to German people too. And I am sure that people of Germany accept this but trouble is that people around the world have forgotten this. It is said and written that many of the German’s were not Hitler supporter. I don’t believe this as we have very recent scenarios to justify that.

Mr. Modi is a very controversial figure in India. He is known for his reform measures when he was chief minister in the Gujarat state of India. During his tenure as Chief minister, in 2002, riots between Hindu and Muslim happened. Thus unsolved mystery has ever shadowing Mr. Modi for the blame of orchestrating entire riots. The irony of the events is that every court has acquitted him of every charge but surprisingly many people of India believe his role and applause his part. In 2014. he becomes prime minister of India. Now we can compare events of India and Germany.

India before 2014, during a time of congress, struggled to grow and corruptions were increasing among senior political figures. Indian’s were tired of Incumbent, a party ruling since Independence (since 1947). The situation could embarrass any proud democratic country where democracy resembles Monarchy. In India similar to Germany need  a change, so thus Modi wave happened. He won by a clear majority and become prime minister.

And now here comes the punch.

If Modi  turns Hitler way in future we should not shrug off saying that we didn’t see this coming. The point of this article is to make a realization that we needed a desperate change and we took a gamble. And in future, if things go wrong, then please don’t blame Modi. We as a people wanted an easy deal, we can’t say we were not warned. We would be equally guilty and the onus should lie on our shoulder. Not taking the onus of our responsibility is the new modern sin.

The US presidential election of 2016 too is no different. We are starting to loose the focus  and lesson we have learned after so much sacrifices in war are forgotten.

** I am not born during World War II. I am not a historical student. So what I am discussing here does not relate to past but present and future. I am taking an analogy of Mr. Modi and I beg pardon of everyone who may dislike the analogy but it is just an analogy and not necessarily mean my point of view of Mr. Modi and his legacy.

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